COVID-19 Update: January 23, 2021

Aloha Kīnā ʻOle families,

We hope that everyone’s New Year is off to a great start!

We’d like to thank everyone for helping us make it through a challenging 2020! You have all helped to carry us through the uncertainties, trials and lessons of the “year of COVID.” We have emerged safe, healthy and stronger than ever and are inspired to make 2021 a beautiful year filled with special moments and memories!

The first round of vaccinations on January 21st was a great success! The second vaccination date is tentatively set for February 18th. More information will be sent as we receive confirmations from DOH and the pharmacy administering the vaccinations. We are excited that our kupuna will soon be better protected!


Thank you again for everyone’s cooperation in keeping our Face to Face visits safe and successful! We appreciate your understanding of our responsibility to keep all residents and staff safe.

We are happy to announce that some changes have been made to our COVID visitation policy! Please keep in mind that the safety and well being of the residents remains our top priority!

  • Visitations will be increased to a weekly basis.
  • The weekly visit can be either a Face to Face or Window visit (family’s choice).
  • Visitation day/time will be agreed upon by families and the Resident Care Manager (RCM).
  • Visits must be pre-scheduled with the RCM.
  • (1) hour visitation time.
  • Maximum of (4) visitors per visit.
  • All visitors must provide their own surgical mask and full face shield. Both must be worn at all times while on property.
  • Face to Face visits will be done in the front of each home.
  • Plexiglass splash guards will be positioned on the visitation table for protection.
  • Hand holes are at the bottom of splash guards. Hands will need to be thoroughly sanitized prior to the visit. Hand sanitizer bottles will be placed on the visitation tables.
  • Families can enjoy a meal with their loved one during the visitation! Please let your RCM know if you will be enjoying a meal at visitation as the table set up will need to accommodate the 6 foot safe distance.
  • If visitors would like to hug their loved ones, a PPE gown must be worn. 💕 Families will need to provide their own PPE gown as statewide supplies are still limited.
  • To eliminate the risk of “prolonged exposure”, hugs will be allowed at the beginning and end of the visit.
  • Families may bring a special treat/gift for their loved one at the time of the visit (container/wrapper will be sanitized before giving to resident).


All visitors will be screened and temperatures will be taken upon arrival/prior to the visit.
Please do not visit if the answer is “yes” to the following questions:

  • Currently have any symptoms of COVID (fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste/smell, sore throat, nausea/diarrhea, etc)?
  • Have (yourself) tested positive for COVID in the last (30) days?
  • Have been exposed to someone that tested positive for COVID in the past (30) days?
  • Have been exposed to someone awaiting COVID test results?
  • Have (yourself) traveled outside of O‘ahu in the past (14) days?
  • Have been in contact with someone who has traveled outside O‘ahu (and is on quarantine) in the past (14) days?

Visitation will be rescheduled if visit is not pre-scheduled with Resident Care Manager or if anyone in the visiting party does not meet screening requirements. Visitors will be asked to leave the property if both a surgical mask and full face shield are not worn. Hugging will not be permitted if a PPE gown is not worn


We understand that connecting with your loved ones is incredibly important. In addition to the pre-scheduled visits, we highly encourage you to utilize the variety of ways we offer visitation/communication such as telephone, email, text, or video chat (Zoom). Please contact the Resident Care Manager to arrange your video visit/communication.


The entry gate at the William Henry location remains locked. We are only allowing people with an approved/scheduled appointment on property.
To gain access to the property:

  • Stop at the keypad/intercom marked with the red stop sign.
  • Press the circle button to ring staff for entry.

***Please note that staff may not always be able to answer immediately if they are tending to the residents. Please allow a few minutes for them to answer as the residents’ safety is their priority.

Kīnā ʻOle will continue to fulfill our essential mission to provide quality care to our kupuna. We must all work together to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your continued support, understanding, flexibility and prayers as we work together to respond effectively and efficiently to this constantly evolving landscape of COVID.

We pray that 2021 brings everyone good health, healing, hope and happiness!

Stay healthy,
Kīnā ʻOle Estate Administrative Team


Resident Care Manager — EKAHI HOME
Joey Foster
(808) 437-6085

Resident Care Manager — ELUA HOME
Makana Weeks
(808) 940-4999

Resident Care Manager — EKOLU HOME
Mapuana Taamu
(808) 437-6632

Resident Care Manager — EHA HOME
Lori Santiago
(808) 365-9202

Resident Care Manager — ELIMA HOME
Mary Carvalho
(808) 437-6096

Elizabeth Slavens
Owner/Director of Operations
(808) 371-0948

Christine Rombawa, RN
Director of Nursing
(808) 437-6631

Lokelani Cameros
Operations Manager
(808) 365-9384

Michelle Garlock
(808) 940-4041


The following websites and resources provide the latest information about the spread of the disease, travel guidelines and other information on how to keep yourself and your family healthy.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

State of Hawai‘i Department of Health, Disease Outbreak Control Division:

U.S. Department of State: