Who We Are

At Kīnā ‘Ole Estate, we offer a special combination of senior housingpersonalized supportive services, memory care, expanded care, and adult health care designed to respond to the individual needs of our residents who require help with activities of daily living.

We look to promote the maximum independence and dignity for each resident by eliminating daily demands. We are committed to creating opportunities for seniors to lead meaningful lives at the same time offering the piece of mind that comes from knowing assistance is always available.

Who We Are

Elizabeth Slavens, director of Kīnā ‘Ole Estate, is no stranger to high standards. “My dad was a very old-school Chinese man,” Slavens says. “Words of affection and praise did not come easily for him.” In the late ’90s, while Slavens’ husband worked with several design/build projects for senior care facilities here on Oahu, her father was diagnosed with a syndrome similar to Parkinson’s disease. “We became all too aware of the practical non-existence of facilities we would have felt comfortable placing him in,” she says.

So Slavens did what only a true visionary would do: She created one.

“The demand for high-quality, around-the-clock care options, coupled with the availability of choice properties at affordable prices at the time, guided us to take the risk and work together to create a place where people would truly enjoy being a part of.”

Slavens overcame much adversity in the beginning. People told her she was crazy and that she wouldn’t succeed, but in the end, she let her family values and her vision carry her through. What started as an idea has now grown into a group of residences with a high-quality staff focused on providing individualized and personal care—including care homes, in-home care, rentals and a
preschool in Denver.

“What sets Kina Ole Estate apart from other Care Homes is that we are not focused on just the medical aspect of  an individual.  We encourage Supported  Independence with the intent of Promoting Dignity.”

- Elizabeth Slavens, Director

Slavens’ approach keeps the Aloha Spirit and the ohana lifestyle at the forefront. The residences comprise no more than eight live-in senior residents in each home, with one to two 24/7 staff members.

“We are not a big business,” Slavens says.

“We are a small community that takes care of one another.”

Now, as Slavens looks back on the estate’s first home completion, one year before her father’s passing, she recalls his words. “He stood in front of the home and said ‘I am very proud of who you are and what you have become. You are making a difference,’” she says. “The fact that my dad finally told me he was proud of me remains in my mind and heart forever.”

My service to the residents of Kina Ole Estate is inspired by the memory of my father, Clyde L.K. Chun

My service to the residents of Kina Ole Estate is inspired by the memory of my father, Clyde L.K. Chun.

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